Benchland Water District 

(originally named "Farmington Area Pressurized Irrigation Distict" also known as FAPID) was created on October 1, 1969. 

During the summer of 1967, Le Grande Gregory then serving as Mayor of Farmington City, contacted Aaron Richards telling Aaron that something must be done to correct the waste water and open ditch irrigation problems in the community.  He asked Aaron to attempt to get the open ditch stock irrigation companies to cooperate in instituting a pressurized underground irrigation system to replace the open ditches.  As a result of this request and with Mayor Gregory's encouragement a committee was organized with that objective as its purpose.  Committee representation was composed of individuals nominated and sponsored by each of the irrigation companies and a representative from Farmington City.  Aaron Richards served as Chairman of the Committee. 

The sponsoring organizations jointly funded an engineers feasability study and held public meetings as well as engaged in extensive dialogue and debate for two years.  They concluded their work by petitioning the Davis County Board of Commissioners to create an irrigation improvement district under the legal statutes of the State of Utah.  On October 1, 1969 the Farmington Area Pressurized Irrigation District, aka "FAPID", became a legal entity (renamed Benchland Water District in January 2006).  The first regular pressurized service was provided beginning April 28, 1978. 

Organizing Committee

Aaron F. Richards    -   Chairman
John S. White         -   Davis Creek
Vince C. Hess         -   Haight Bench
Horton V. Bourne     -  North Cottonwood
Franklin R. Richards  -  North Cottonwood
M. P. Leonard          -  Shepard Creek
Norman K. Brown     -  Steed Creek
Horace Rencher       -  Farmington City