Construction in Progress

Ongoing Projects:

Projects include a vulnerable section of original main distribution lines replacment, cathodic protection installation on metal distribution lines not adequately protected, projects to provide cleaner water to customers, and implementation of the District GIS program.

Metering Project

Project Overview:

In 2021 Benchland Water District  began installing secondary water meters in the areas on the West Side of I-15 and including a small area west of Oakridge Country Club.  In 2022 our intent is to continue installation in the areas between Highway 89 and Interstate 15.   The new meters are part of a larger system-wide improvement project that promotes water conservation and accountability.  This project is part of a long-term plan to meter all secondary water connections.  There is no upfront costs to you for this meter install.  The District is using smart grants as well as loan proceeds to fund this project at this time.

What you can expect:

  • You will be expected to manage your water efficiently and be responsible for your usage.
  • The District encourages users to use the first year of metering to increase efficient irrigation practices and make appropriate adjustments to how and when you water.  

Meter install items:

  • A 1-inch meter will be installed on your existing secondary service connection.
  • A service valve will be installed for better system management by the District.
  • A small area will be dug up at the point of service for the installing of the meter.  After installation only a 12-inch purple lid will be visable.  Landscape will be restored as close as possible to pre-install conditions.


More project information and resources for your review: www.weberbasin.com

  • Learn how to read your usage report and what is found on each report.
  • Review basic lawn irrigation information and best practices so you can learn more efficient methods.
  • Sign up for free irrigation system water chek (pending any restrictions due to state  COVID restrictions.)
  • Learn about water supply  in general and why the meter project plays a role in regional water supply goals.


Water Conservation Programs and Education

The Learning Garden from Weber Basin Conservancy District

  • Visit the 2-acre garden open to the public to get ideas for your yard.
  • See what works in our climate for low water, yet green and colorful vegetation.


Free landscape classes from Weber Basin Conservancy District

  • 2021 class schedule will be available early spring.
  • Classes include growing vegetables, healthy lawn, irrigation workshops, perennials, how to create great Localscapes, and much more.


Free landscape water checks from Weber Basin Conservancy District

  • Trained staff can come to your home and evaluate your sprinkler system and leave you with a customized schedule for how long and how ofter you should be irrigating (This service will depend on COVID19 state restrictions)
  • Sign up online or by calling the District's office


Smart controller rebates offered from Benchland Water District as well as Weber Basin 

  • If you purchase a "smart controller," which is a sprinkler timer that runs your sprinklers based off of weather or soil moisture, you can qualify for a rebate up to 50% of the cost of that controller.

For all details of programs and free educational opportunities, or to sign up for a free class or event, please visit: www.weberbasin.com/conservation or www.benchlandwater.com/conservation