Service Connection Policy

User Agreements:  A valid User Agreement between the User and the Irrigation District shall be completed for each user prior to the service being utilized. Agreements are mailed to each homeowner upon notification of purchase.  Agreements are also available at the District Offices (see also "Contracting for Services" on this website for further information).

District Service Lines:  Each seperate property receiving service shall have a District Service Line extended to the property of the user.  Many of these services are brought to the property line with a single larger line to the property line between two users.  From this point the line is extended seperately to the owner of each property.  The size of line shall be determined by the District, with consideration for type of service and acreage to be irrigated. 

Service Valve:  The property owner shall be responsible for connection of the District service line to the property service lines and for providing such control valves as are necessary to control the irrigation water flow "on" or "off" beyond the point of connection.  District valves (usually in the park strip) on the District service line to the property are NOT to be used by property owners as the routine means of controlling irrigation water flow for owner properties.  These District valves in many cases serve more than one property owner.  District personnel will turn the District's valve "on" or "off" upon request by the customer without charge.  Customers who turn the District valve themselves shall be responsible for the cost of replacement of the valve if they should break said valve.