Conservation Policy


The following is State of Utah Website for Conservations Tips:


Water Conservation Policy

Water is not an unlimited resource.  Irrigation water supply organizations in our area are implementing conservation measures which are proven, from experience, to extend the ability of our water resources to meet the needs of water users. 

Residential, Church, School and Government User Program:

•   Users select their most convenient days of irrigating during the week and should limit irrigation time and frequency to the recommendations of the Utah State University Extension Service.  There should be no runoff from the area being irrigated.


•  Users starting new lawns may request a "Special Use Window Permit" from the Benchland Water District office at 485 East Shepard Lane, Kaysville, Utah  between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday, except holidays.  

Agricultural Users Program

Sprinkler/Positive control outlet irrigation:
     a.  Irrigate as needed limiting sets to minimize runoff.
     b.  Regularly monitor systems to correct losses due to blown sprinkler heads, line breaks, ruptures, etc.

Flood/Irrigation/Open Ditch row crop irrigation:
      a.  Request use of water at least 36 hours prior to contemplated use by telephone 451-2105 giving requested time of turn-on and turn-off and your telephone number.  
      b.  Usage will be measured by Benchland Water District personnel and no water will be available for the remainder of the season following your calculated usage of 3 acre feet, per acre, per irrigation season.  

Commercial Users Program:

•  Irrigation water use shall be metered and meter readings shall be taken monthly or more often.  Readings and balance of contracted water remaining for use shall be reported to user.

•  When the total amount of contracted water has been reached, the service shall be terminated for the remainder of the current irrigation season. 


Users violating this conservation program will receive a written citation identifying the violation as to nature and date.  Upon receipt of a third written citation the service will be removed by the District and no further use of the District services will be allowed during the current irrigation season.  A re-connection fee of $350.00 will be required prior to receiving services for the next season once the service is terminated. 

All calls identifying the violators of the District Conservation Program will be considered confidential and will be independently verified. 

Education & Enforcement

The District provides all new customers with the following:

  • A copy of the Benchland Water District Conservation Plan.
  • A copy of the U.S.U Extension Service Lawn Water Guide.
  • A copy of the Benchland Water District Customer Information

Upon confirming that a customer is wasting irrigation water, a letter of warning is sent to the customer defining the violation identified together with the Education Packet for Irrigation Water Conservation.  If the violation is not promptly corrected the citation followed by termination of service process is initiated and carried out to the end of correcting the violation or terminating the service as specified in th Irriation Water Conservation Policy.