Billing Information


On April 16, 2021, By order of the Board of Trustees

In compliance with the executive order issued by Governor Cox, declaring a State of emergency due to current drought conditions plus Weber Basin Water Conservancy District restricting the District's supply of water by 20% and the current runoff projections at 30 to 40% of normal, the Board has adopted the following policy on past due accounts:   If payment in full or arrangement to pay in full is not made by 100 days of billing date, service will be shut off and scheduled for termination.  This will result in loss of service for up to 3 months.  In order to resume service, customer will need to contract for service and pay the $350.00 re-connect fee.  


We are happy to say, No Rate Increases for this season!!!

Billing for the Irrigation Season will be mailed the first week of February

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No additional Fees apply. 

Effective 2/20/20 rate increases
Annual Service Charge Schedule 
A. Definition: Those charges levied to each
contracted service for the annual costs of
providing service
B.  Charges by Category of Service: 
Residential Users
  .00    to   .184 Acres    $ 187.00
 .185   to   .249 Acres     $ 207.00
  .25   to   .499 Acres     $ 212.00
  .50   to   .749 Acres     $ 222.00
  .75   to  2.0   Acres     $ 242.00
Condominium Unit Users
  Per Residential Unit            $  162.00
Commercial, Residential & Governmental
(Entities over 2.0 Acres)
  Track Charge                    $  182.00
  Water Charge per Ac. Ft.        $   30.00
Contract Requires:
    4 Acre Feet per Acre 
    (Minimum - $120.00 per Acre)
Agricultural Users:
   Track Charge                   $ 182.00
   Water Charge per Ac. Ft.       $ 15.00
      Contract Requires:
            3 Acre Feet per Acre 
           (Minimum - $100.00 per Acre)
 Pumping Facilty Users:
   Track Charge                   $182.00
   Acreage User charge            $_______
   Operation, Maintenance     $100.00
       (Replacement charge for pumping)
   Electrical Charges             $_______
       (Pass through charge for pumping)
             Total Use Charge    $_______
NOTE: Per Board of Trustsees, December 2013,
any user living outside of the District Boundaries 
who has not been annexed into the District will 
be charged twice the annual use amount.
C.  Special Pressurized Irrigation Needs:  
The Operations Manager is authorized by
the Board of Trustees to negotiate on a
case by case basis a higher quantity of
water to meet special needs of commercial
users than that required for contracting.
He is further directed to install water
meters for commercial users where deemed
necessary or appropriate. The cost of the
meter and installation will be the
responsibility of the special irrigation
user. In no case will the quantity of
water delivered exceed the quantity of
water under contract. Annual Charges
will be based on the quantity of water
under contract.


Billing Information

The District establishes an account for each service following the contracting for service by the customer.  Initial billing, following contracting for service, will be issued within thirty (30) days of contracting and subsequent billings are issued at thirty (30) day intervals until the balance due is paid in full.  Each customer is billed a Water Use Charge annually.  The Annual Water Charge for service is billed in February for the Irrigation season that follows in that given calendar year. 

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    Payments/Late Charges 

Annual Water charges are due for payment in full within thirty (30) days following issuance of the bill.  Accounts not paid within sixty (60) days of the original billing date are declared delinquent.  Delinquent accounts not paid within sixty (60) days of initial billing shall be assessed delinquent charges. *Effective 6/20/13 the Board of Trustees for the District have passed a motion to change late penalties as follows:

  •  60 to 90 days: Past Due Notice & $25.00* delinquent charge
  •  91 to 100 days: Warning Notice & second or additional $10.00* delinquent charge.
       a. Billings unpaid after ninety (90) days from first billing date will be issued an "Account Past Due Warning Notice" giving the user ten(10) days to pay their account in full, including the unpaid balance plus all delinquent charges. 
       b. Billings remaining unpaid for ten(10) days following issuance of that "Accounts Past Due Warning Notice" the user will forfeit the right to use the Benchland Water District service, and will be issued an additional billing reflecting the fifty dollar ($50.00) late penalty.
  •  101 to 130 days: Final Notice & $50.00 late penalty. Accounts remaining delinquent for thirty (30) days following the "Accounts Past Due Warning Notice" will be declared in breach of contract and the contract will be cancelled. 
        a. Service will not be available to the property. This will be strictly enforced. 
        b. Customer will be prohibited from using the irrigation water until all unpaid balances and delinquent charges including the   $50.00 penalty are paid in full.
  •  131 days and over: Cancellation of Contract Notice
        a. Service will no longer be available and may result in removal of Benchland Water District lines.
        b. To resume service the customer will need to contract for service and pay the $350.00 contract charge plus current annual use charges.



To all Benchland Water Users,

The Benchland Board of Trustees has considered all costs and found it necessary to raise water user fees for the coming water year.  This past water year, 2019, we were able to maintain the Water Use fees established in 2016 without an increase, but it was not without significant challenges.  For 2020 the rates for all residential users will increase, by $82.00 for the year, or $13.67 per month for the 6 months of water use.  That increase will be relfected on the yearly statements being sent out in February.  While that may seem a bit high, it is more competitive than most District in Utah charge.  The increase is necessitated by, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • WATER COST:  During the spring and early summer, our water source is the mountain snowpack.  Once that is gone (usually by late spring, early summer) we buy water from the Weber Basin Irrigation District.  Since 2010 Weber Basin has increased our cost for purchasing that water by 47%. Benchland has been absorbing these small increases for the last 10  years without passing them onto our customers.
  • INCREASE DEMAND FOR WATER:  With the expected increase in housing and commercial development and the amount of water used by our current customer base, we are projecting a need to purchase an additional 500 acre feet of water.  
  • STATE MANDATES:  Utah Senate Bill 52 has mandated that after April 1, 2020 all new secondary water connections must be metered.  As part of that mandate, Benchland had to submit to the Utah Division of Water Resources a plan, including a projected timeline and cost for installing meters on the 5,633 current customers.  At today's prices, that would cost $9,950,000.00.  That information has been submitted.  We understand, as does the state, that such a project is not possible to do at one time.  It is something that we need to plan and budget for. 
  • OPERATING COSTS:  Costs, including such things as taxes, benefits, fuel, equipment, repair, replacement of aging pipe, etc.,continue to increase.  The current management and operating staff have done a tremendous job to ensure these costs are being kept in line.  We are grateful to have them on the Benchland Team.

While we understand that increasing User Fees is never an easy discussion to have, we hope all will understand the reasons and necessity for this year's increase.  Please keep checking our Website: www.benchlandwater.com, for further updates and announcements and most importantly, how we can all do a bettter job of conserving water.  

Once again, thank you for your understanding and support.


Benchland Water, Board of Trustees